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One good deed could change everything and there should be no obstacles to doing good.

That’s why we’ve created an organization where people can donate their time, energy, and resources to help solve some of the most pertinent challenges facing vulnerable people in our country.

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My adversity does not define me. My perpetrator does not control me. The only person who has control over my life and can redefine my story is myself.

I stopped running from my truth and started recognizing my worth.

Lindiwe, GBV Victim from the Green Door Shelter

The attributes of abuse have various facets and live in many communities. Abuse is an inaudible destruction and detrimental to society and its welfare. It makes one lose their sense of being and belonging.

Mapaseka, GBV Victim from the Green Door Shelter

I have borne the scars and endured the bruises from the shackles of abuse, but my release has opened a door to renewed beginnings and liberty.

Mary, GBV Survivor from the Green Door Shelter

I refused to inherit dysfunctional traits. My revenge was letting go of my toxic past and I opted to inherit a new lease on life by seeking refuge at a place of sanctuary and safety.

Thandi, GBV Survivor from the Green Door Shelter

From the onset, I had noticed the red flags but naively ignored them. The experience changed me and broke me mentally, spiritually, and physically. I have overcome and conquered the most challenging wars of my life and still I rise.

Johanna, GBV Survivor from the Green Door Shelter

“a man can not sit alone to plan for prosperity”.
African Proverb