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Add SUM Impact

Add Sum Impact is the brainchild of Tristan Strike, a learner at Crawford. It began with his school’s tutoring programme, that saw bright children like Tristan tutor younger, but equally bright grade 8 and 9 learners from lesser-privileged schools.

Tristan soon noticed that many of the children didn’t have calculators, and that doing sums would take them take far longer than if they had access to the right tools.

So, Tristan made it his mission to put a calculator in the hands of as many learners as he could.

That’s when he approached NS Impact Foundation and told us of his plan. His enthusiasm and vision compelled us to act, and we committed to assisting in any way we could.

Working together, we committed to manufacturing 2 000 scientific calculators in Durban as part of a pilot programme. We then chose several schools to donate to in KZN and Gauteng.

The Challenge

Helping learners ace their math exams.

The Act

We sourced and distributed scientific calculators.

The Impact

2000 calculators donated so far.

“The path to true impact is not a path traveled by one for many, but rather a path traveled by many for one.”

Full Up The Bag

Fill Up The Bag

See the specially-designed backpacks we created, filled and distributed to help ease hardships faced by the homeless.